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Results from Preparatory Actions

Action A.2 | Action A.4

Action A.2: Estimates of abundance and distribution of the target species and Technical Planning, method calibration anda baseline information

DDE - Delphinus delphis (Common Dolphin)

This species is widely distributed occurring literally everywhere in the Portuguese waters, despite its low occurrence in deeper waters (below 4000 meters). In fact, in offshore areas the occurrence of common dolphin was much lower, and in the majority of cases, it was always associated with the occurrence of stripped dolphin. There is a tendency for a higher concentration of sightings between Nazaré and Porto where the continental shelf, up to a 200m-depth, is wider. In the South and Galician sectors there is also evidence of a more offshore occurrence of this species.

PPH - Phocoena phocoena (Harbour Purpoise)

This species is presently considered in a critical situation in terms of conservation. To our surprise this species was observed along the entire Portuguese coast with the majority of sightings observed very near the shore. However, in some areas, the species was observed almost in the border of the continental shelf at higher depths. The concentration of sightings shows two mains regions: from Nazaré to Oporto and from Sagres to Albufeira.

TTR - Tursiops truncatus (Common Bottlenose Dolphin)

This species was observed along the entire Portuguese coast. We expected to observe this species more frequently in offshore waters, but that was not the case. The majority of sightings occurred in areas of the continental shelf, with an higher number of sightings in deeper waters recorded for the regions to the south of Peniche.

PUF - Puffinus puffinus mauretanicus (Balearic Shearwater)

The Balearic shearwater is the third species with the highest number of sightings. This species also occurs all over the Portuguese coast during late summer, beginning of autumn. The strongest concentrations of animals occur between Nazaré and Porto.

Action A.4: Best Practices Manuals according to the different fisheries (in Portuguese)

Bottom trawling Purse Seine Polyvalente



Bottom Longline Beach seine



Action A.4: Best Practices Code (in Portuguese)



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