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Results from Concrete Actions

Action C.1: Implementation of Best Practices Manuals according to fishing gear type

The manual containing the Codes of Good Practicefor each fishing gear was defined in Action A.4, based on information collected during Action A.3and after meetings with fishers and decision makers.

For more information about this action's results please check the following documents:

Action C.2: Implementation of mitigation measures in fishing gears (pingers, gear modification)

The accidental capture of marine animals in fishing gear can be reduced through operational and technical mitigation measures.

Technical measures correspond to the use of warning / distancing systems or modification of fishing gear. Thus, this action corresponds to the implementation of a set of mitigation actions.

The results are described in the report.

The pinger essay in purse seiners revealed a 75% decrease in harbor porpoise mortality.

The pinger essay in set nets revealed a 83% decrease in harbor porpoise mortality

The pinger essay in beach seiners revealed a 55% decrease in harbor porpoise mortality.

Essays using visual and acoustic alarms revealed that most seabirds would flee from the bycatch risk zone a lower mortality rates were obtained when using alarm devices.

Medidas de mitigação/Mitigation Measures

C2_alerta_acustico_aves.jpg - C2_laser_alerta_visual_aves.jpeg - C2_pingers.jpg - C2_redes_de_bário.jpg -

Action C.3: Improvement of marine animals stranding and rehabilitation networks in mainland Portugal

In this action the main objective is to improve the responsiveness of dead and live stranding networks (marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles). In order to improve the effectiveness of such networks, a number of improvements in performance methodologies and equipment were applied, thus increasing the ability to detect animals and respond to stranding situations along the Portuguese coast.

The strandings networks have been improved through the provision of diagnostic equipment, an ambulance for rescue of marine animals and through two support infrastructures. For more information on the results of this action, please refer to the following documents:


C3_1 ambulância lado.jpg - C3_1 ambulancia fundo.jpg - C3_1 ambulancia lado.jpg -

Equipamento de diagnóstico/Diagnosis Equipment

C3_2 diagnóstico_endoscópio.jpg - C3_2_diagnóstico_analisador_sangue.jpg - C3_2_diagnóstico_ecógrafo.jpg - C3_2_diagnóstico_endoscopio_5.jpg -

Estrutura de Suporte Centro/Support Structures Center of Portugal

C3_3_Centro_estrutura_apoio_necropsias.jpg - C3_3 Centro_estrutura_apoio_necropsias_dd.jpg - C3_3 Centro_estrutura_apoio_necropsias_piloto+torda.jpg - C3_3 Centro_estrutura_apoio_necropsias_tordas.jpg -

Estrutura de Suporte/Support Structures Algarve

C3_4_Algarve_estrutura_apoio.jpg - C3_4_Algarve_estrutura_apoio_lab.jpg - C3_4_Algarve_estrutura_apoio_necrópsia.jpg -


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