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Did you know?

... the scientific name of the harbour purpoise is Phocoena phocoena?

... the bottlenose dolphin has the scientific name Tursiops truncatus?

... dolphins are mammals that feed on the mother's milk early in his life?

... the bottlenose dolphin belongs to the family Delphinidae, while the harbour purpoise belongs to the Phocoenidae family?


... the harbour purpoise natural habitat are bays, estuaries and coastal areas of depths less than 200 meters?

... certain populations of bottlenose dolphins are coastal while others are oceanic?

... in Portugal, the harbour purpoise has "Vulnerable" conservation status, but in the beggining of the XXth century was very abundant in the Portuguese coast, in bays and estuaries and were seen climbing rivers?

... the distribution area of ??the harbour purpoise extends from Iceland, the Barents Sea and northern boundary of the White Sea to the shores of Mauritania, with an isolated population in the Black Sea?

... In Portugal, the harbour purpoise is a discreet marine mammal, difficult to observe and whose individuals usually swim alone, while the bottlenose dolphin occurs frequently in large groups and is easily visible on the surface of the water or even jumping out of water?

... there is a resident population of bottlenose dolphins in the estuary of the river Sado?

Roaz - ©João Quaresma

... the harbour purpoise is one of the smallest marine mammals in the oceans?

... the harbour purpoise prefers cold and temperate waters while the bottlenose dolphin prefers temperate and warm waters?

... harbour purpoise (in portuguese: Boto) is not only the name of a caste of Brahmins (India) but also a family name of several well known portuguese, including the poet Antonio Boto?

... the word cetacean comes from the Greek word ketos and it means whale?

... the symbol (in portuguese: brasão) of some Portuguese families, including the Távora[1], have dolphins?

... in Christianity, the dolphin means speed, diligence and love?

... dolphins were signs of good omen, for it was said to save people who were in distress at sea?

... dolphin (in portuguese: golfinho) in slang means "hunchback" but dolphin is also the name given to a water lily plant type (Nymphoides peltatathe in portuguese: o golfão-pequeno)?


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