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Aerial Census campaign until the 50 nautical miles

Between the 6th and the 9th of September, the MarPro Project performed another aerial census campaign for cetaceans and seabirds between the coastline and the 50 nautical miles. A Partenavia P68 airplane (GESPLANE, S.L.) lead by the pilot Mario Amat, allowed the MarPro team members to perform an average of 8-hour trips per day along 4,837 km, divided into 47 transects perpendicular to the coast, between Cape Finisterra in Galicia and River Guadiana (south of Portugal).

During all campaing days, the conditions were very good with sea condition 1, which allowed for a very high rate of observations.

Preliminary results include the observation of 4,137 cetaceans belonging to 12 species, 8,609 seabirds belonging to 15 species and 5 sea turtles belonging to 2 species. It was also possible to observe about 100 sharks.

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