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27th European Cetacean Society Conference

27th ECS conference The 27th European Cetacean Society Conference will be held in Setúbal, Portugal, from 8-10 of April 2013. It will be hosted by Escola de Mar, Associação Para as Ciências do Mar and Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado (RNES-ICNF) with the sponsorship and support of the Municipality of Setúbal.

The main theme of the conference is Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Study of Marine Mammals. It is our expectation that building on innovative data collection and tecnhiques in the context of interdisciplinary research and the application of integrated processes that build on established concepts and current trends, to inform future prospects. The 27th ECS conference will promote informed insights and perceptions about how to shape a better future for marine mammals and, by extension, a better future for us all.

Please take note of important dates:

  • 23 November 2012: Deadline for abstract and workshop submission; Deadline for support and student grant request
  • 11 January 2013: Decision of acceptance
  • 25 January 2013:  Deadline for early registration; Deadline for video submission
  • 1 March 2013: Deadline for late registration
  • 6-7 April 2013: Workshops
  • 8-10 April 2013: Main conference

You can find all the information in and

News about the conference will also be regularly updated on the Facebook group of ECS. Join us at:


Do come and join us locally in this excitting and global challenge!


Last Modified: 08/11/2012

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