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Research Grant - Fisheries Assessment

Research Grant - Fisheries Assessment
The successful candidate will (i) interact with artisanal fishermen to obtain spatially-explicit data on fishing and associated habitats (ii) compile existing data of fisher registers and IPMA surveys to model the distribution of resources, the distribution of fishing effort and estimate the degree of their overlap to evaluate the risk of fishing and iii) design, execute and analyse interviews and questionnaires with fishermen and other stakeholders to improve the characterisation of the fishery and the historical register of its environmental impacts.
This grant is intended for researchers with a Master degree in Marine Biology or related area, preferentially with a long experience in the interaction with artisanal fishers, in data collection through questionnaires and interviews and in the operation of data bases. The candidate should demonstrate capacity to use statistical analysis software (e.g. R) and basic programming.
For more information please visit the the Researchers Mobility Portal.


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