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Workshop on "Marine Mammals: Identification and Handling Techniques"

As a part of regular training provided by the ICNB will take place next March 27 from 10:00 to 13:00 at the premises of the CMIA of Costa da Caparica at Rua Catarina Eufémia, 2825-315 Costa da Caparica (by the Jardim Urbano Costa de Caparica), a workshop on "Marine Mammals: Identification and Handling Techniques".

Following the support provided by the Local Maritime Authorithy on strandings detection we are addressing an invitation to the Local Maritime Authority of this area of ??jurisdiction to attend this workshop. Interested parties should make their application by fax (265 541 155) or email (, until March, 23.

This invitation is extended to MarPro Project intervenients.

CMIA location can be found here.

Note: For email protection purposes, it is available only by clicking the ....


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