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Today is LIFE's 20th Birthday

LIFE celebrates its 20th anniversary today: The LIFE Regulation passed into law on 21 May 1992 - paving the way for the launch of the LIFE programme, the EU's financial instrument for the environment. To mark this auspicious occasion, more than 300 'LIFE 20th anniversary' events are taking place throughout the month of May - organised by LIFE projects present or past. The dissemination (innovative and fun) events range from a LIFE Easter Camp for kids (Spain), a regional Flower Fair (Greece), to a moonlit Frog Concert (Germany).

In addition, a special one-day nature event, held in Jutland (Denmark) on 21 May, will mark both LIFE's 20th birthday and celebrate the EU Habitats Directive and Natura 2000 network. For details of this event - attended by Environment Commissioner, Janez Poto?nik, and Denmark's Environment Minister, Ida Auken - as well as information on all the 300-plus LIFE events, see the LIFE 20th anniversary calendar.

Source: LIFE Programme


Last Modified: 21/05/2012

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