Conservation of Marine Protected Species in Mainland Portugal

Results from the Public Awareness and Dissemination of Results Action

Action D.5: Result dissemination program

The Balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus) is one of the most threatened seabirds in Europe, since it has a relatively small population, which faces serious threats on land (in Balearic Islands, where it breeds) and at sea (where it spends long periods of time, namely along the Portuguese coast). The Life MarPro project wishes to draw attention to the dramatic situation that this species faces, directly related with fishing and bycatch. A situation that can be prevented if Environmental Organizations and fishermen work together to find solutions for everyone, and above all for wildlife. Deploying high contrast panels in the fishing nets is one of the measures that is being tested by SPEA, and which has had promising results. Neither seabirds get entangled, where frequently end up dead, neither fishermen get their gear damaged.
One of the main Life MarPro objectives is to reduce the conflicts between the fishing sector and seabirds/sea mammals.

This project is co-funded by the European Union LIFE programme, as a result of a partnership between the Aveiro University, Minho University, SPEA, IPMA and ICNF


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