Conservation of Marine Protected Species in Mainland Portugal

Reports & Publications

There is a new LIFE+ MarPro dissemination material microsite.

About MarPro

Best LIFE Environment Projects 2010 (~11MB)

MarPro Flag (PDF ~1.3MB)

Banner Life SMM (PDF ~15MB)

Comparison of cetacean sampling methods (PDF ~1.7MB)

Comparison of seabird census methods (PDF ~2.5MB)

Comparison of bycatch assessment methods (PDF ~1.3MB)

Leaflets and Brochures

MarPro Leaflet - Ocean Expedition (PDF ~300KB)

Project Brochure (~5MB)

Cetacean Brochure (~5MB)

Birds Brochure (~5MB)

Interactions Brochure (~6MB)


Posters (in Portuguese)

(see Dissemination Material)

The LIFE+ MarPro Project

Marine Birds





Best Practices

Stranding and rehabilitation

Distribution and Abundance


Draft proposal of Natura 2000 Marine Areas

Standardized Protocols

The Standardized Protocols are available for request.


Best Practices Guide

To access the best practices guide according to the different fisheries please visit the Results from Preparatory Actions page.


LIFE+ MarPro Documentary - A Sea to Protect

The LIFE+ MarPro Documentary series is now available on Youtube. Despite being portuguese spoken the Full Documentary and the Marine Protected Areas Documentary are closed captioned.


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