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The Balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus) is one of the most threatened seabirds in Europe, since it has a relatively small population, which faces serious threats on land (in Balearic Islands, where it breeds) and at sea (where it spends long periods of time, namely along the Portuguese coast).

Since October of 2013 all seagulls recovered in CRAM-Q are released with a blue colour ring, making it possible to followed them by sighting, without the need of recapture.

On the afternoon of April 12th, Life + MarPro was present once more at NEBUA's (Núcleo de Estudantes de Biologia da Universidade do Algarve) talk cycle at the Universidade do Algarve with the presentation "Cetaceans along the Portuguese mainland coast: Species, threats and the importance of local stranding networks".

The Life + MarPro project was invited to participate in the "Semana da Ria Formosa" within the activities of the "Fórum Água Jovem 2016" proposed for the morning of April 6th.

Last Saturday, February 27th, by invitation of the Mira Volunteer Fire Department, the LIFE+ MarPro Project was present at the instruction of infants (children between 5 and 15 years old)
LIFE+ MarPro presents the Balearic shearwater
100 Rings
MarPro at NEBUA's Talk Cicle
Ria Formosa Week, April 4-9, 2016
LIFE+ MarPro at the Mira Volunteer Fire Department

LIFE+ MarPro Documentary: A Sea To Protect

LIFE+ MarPro Project Brief Introduction

For cetacean and seabird species it is necessary to define future areas of conservation within the Portuguese EEZ. Research data highlighted the Portuguese platform as an important oceanographic area interconnecting the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and subtropical areas.

Furthermore, for some species of cetaceans (harbour porpoise, bottlenose dolphin and common dolphin) and seabirds (gannet, guillemot and shearwaters) the direct competition for commercial fishes in coastal waters ofthe continental shelf is a reality. Joining efforts with the fishing sector is fundamental to the management and long-term conservation of cetaceans and seabirds, and ultimately it will contribute to the definition of offshore Natura 2000 Network sites.

The project LIFE+ MARPRO is co-financed by the LIFE programme as a result of a partnership between the Aveiro University, Minho University, SPEA, IPMA and ICNF.


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LIFE + MarPro Workshop: "Marine Protected Areas and Management Plans for cetaceans and seabirds"

The LIFE + MarPro Workshop: "Marine Protected Areas and Management Plans for cetaceans and seabirds" allowed for the presentation of national and international experiences, highlighting the success stories and difficulties encountered by those involved in the definition of marine Natura 2000 sites and in the elaboration of their Management Plans.

The panel of speakers was composed by several national and international experts, who presented several case studies on the matter. In order to discuss relevant problems and solutions, discussion sessions were included, which were open to all participants. For more information visit the workshop website.



LIFE+ MarPro Workshop: Natura 2000 sites and fisheries

The LIFE+ MarPro Workshop: Natura 2000 sites and fisheries focused on the definition of conservation objectives for marine Natura 2000 sites and the incorporation of fisheries on management plans.

National and international experts presented several relevant case studies in order discuss important issues and solutions, as well as summarize future strategies. Debate sessions, open to all participants, will be organized. All the event information is available at the LIFE+ MarPro Workshop: Natura 2000 sites and fisheries website

Poster Workshop LIFE+ MarPro: Sítios NATURA 2000 Marinhos e Pescas

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